This website is a creation of James M. Branum, but includes links to resources and other materials by many other people.

I have created it to be hub of resources and materials for Humanistic Jews and for people who are interested in Humanistic Judaism, with a special focus on materials for those considering becoming adopted into Judaism through the humanistic movement (adoption is the preferred term for conversion by Humanistic Jews).

The website will have a soft launch on Rosh Hashanah 5784 (September 2023) and will have its main launch on Simchat Torah 5784 (October 6-7, 2023).

Some of the planned features of the website include:

  1. Humanistic Commentaries on parashot (the weekly Torah portions studied in traditional Judaism each week).
  2. A directory of the Humanistic Jewish movement.
  3. Articles, essays, etc.
  4. News from the broader Humanistic Jewish world
  5. Resources for people considering the process of being adopted into Judaism.
  6. Resources for interfaith/intercultural families.