Sim Shalom Jewish Conversion Classes

Preparation Process: participating in online classes, monthly gatherings, visiting synagogues of different denominations

Ritual Requirements: Bet din (but done online) and mikveh are both required. Circumcision for males is not required.

Certificate: Yes

Costs: $1200 (payable in 8 payments) for the class. $300 for the Bet Din. Required books (approx. $75)

Can this program be done online: Yes

Is this program bi-religious friendly? Yes, when I last checked (in 2014) their bet dins do not ask converts the question about whether they are renouncing all other religious traditions or not.

In what movements will this conversion be accepted:

  • Humanistic: Yes
  • Reform: Yes (see CCAR responsa)
  • Reconstructing Judaism: Yes (see RRA resolution)
  • Renewal: Likely Yes
  • Conservative/Masorti: Possibly, if certain rituals like Bet Din and Mikveh took place. (see RA responsa)
  • Orthodox: No
  • Post-Denominational: Varies

Notes: This path to conversion is one of the only ones that is friendly to bi-religious identity (in other words, there is no expectation that a convert would renounce their previous religious identity, etc.).