Reconstructing Judaism – Conversion Programs

Preparation Process: Like many other Jewish movements, there is an expectation that potential converts will complete a course of study (often through a class) and engage with Jewish life.

Ritual Requirements: Most communities require a bet din and a mikveh ritual. Some may also require males1 to be circumcised, but many communities will not due to growing conversation about the ritual in this movement.

Certificate: Yes

Costs: Varies by community, most often converts will be responsible for paying for the cost their class and possibly or the mikveh and/or bet din. But many communities offer scholarships for these costs.

Can this program be done online?: Unknown

Is this program bi-religious friendly? Unknown

In what movements will this conversion be accepted?:

  • Humanistic: Yes
  • Reform: Yes (see CCAR responsa)
  • Reconstructing Judaism: Yes
  • Renewal: Likely Yes
  • Conservative/Masorti: Possibly, if certain rituals like Bet Din and Mikveh took place. (see RA responsa)
  • Orthodox: No
  • Post-Denominational: Likely yes

Notes/Comments: I have found very little about conversion in this movement online, so if you have any information or resources on this topic, please contact me.

  1. For discussion of the issues regarding circumcision for transgender men and transmasculine people, see this article from Svara.