Conservative/Masorti Movement Conversion Programs


Preparation Process: The norm in the Conservative movement (in the US) is that students will complete an Introduction to Judaism class (offered in many congregations) and engage in Jewish practices in home and communal contexts for about a year.

Ritual Requirements: Due to the Conservative movement’s halachic orientation, converts are expected to appear before a bet din and to visit a mikveh. Males1 are also expected to be circumcised (or do the hatafat dam brit ritual)… but like most things in Judaism, there are exceptions to the rules.

Costs: Normally, students will need to pay for the cost of the introduction to Judaism class and may also have to pay a fee for the use of a mikveh.

Can this program be done online: Normally not. However, if one wants a specifically Conservative conversion, working with a Conservative rabbi through Darshan Yeshiva may be a good option.

Is this program bi-religious friendly? No. Most Conservative rabbis and Bet Din will specifically ask converts whether they will practice Judaism to the exclusion of all other religious traditions.

In what movements will this conversion be accepted?:

  • Humanistic: Yes
  • Reform: Yes
  • Reconstructing Judaism: Yes
  • Renewal: Yes
  • Conservative/Masorti: Yes
  • Orthodox: No
  • Post-Denominational: Likely yes.

Notes: I do not have personal experience with conversion through this movement, so if there are additional factors that should be added to this page, please let me know.

  1. For discussion of the issues regarding circumcision for transgender men and transmasculine people, see this article from Svara.