Liberal Movement (UK) – Conversion Program

LOGO: Liberal Judaism

Preparation Process: The Liberal movement in the UK requires a 15-month conversion process which includes participation in a synagogue and completion of an Introduction to Judaism class, culminated by the writing of essays.

Ritual Requirements: Liberal converts will appear before a Bet Din. Converts and strongly encouraged to visit the mikveh. Male converts are strongly encouraged (but not required to be circumcised or to undergo the hatafat dam brit ritual. 1

Costs: Unknown.

Can this program be done online: No

Is this program bi-religious friendly? No

In what movements will this conversion be accepted?:

  • Humanistic: Yes
  • Reform: Yes
  • Reconstructing Judaism: Yes
  • Renewal: Yes
  • Conservative/Masorti: Possibly, assuming that rituals such as Bet Din and Mikveh were done.
  • Orthodox: No
  • Post-Denominational: Likely yes

Notes/Comments: More details on the Liberal movement’s process of conversion can be found here.

  1. For discussion of the issues regarding circumcision for transgender men and transmasculine people, see this article from Svara.